2024 Roux for a Reason (RFAR) Gumbo Cook-Off
Rules & Guidelines


• Wristbands, entrance tickets and t-shirts will be available at pre-event team safety meetings, which will be held every 30mins beginning at 6:00am-8:00am on Saturday March 9, 2024.

• We ask that teams provide a tent for the event. 2 cooking teams will be placed per each 20’x20’ tent. Tents smaller than 20’ x 20’ will contain a single team. For teams that do not have tents we will do our best to accommodate as we have access to a select number of donated tents we received from event sponsors (Extra tents will be distributed on a first-come first-serve basis on March 9, 2024).

• Everyone in attendance needs to wear a wristband.

• If assistance is needed, please see one of the RFAR members wearing RFAR event STAFF shirts.

• There will be ORANGE signs designating “seafood” gumbos.

• Cooking team parking will be at a first-come first-serve basis as there is limited parking around this downtown event.

UnROUXly Guidelines

UnROUXly: This year Roux for a Reason will be adding a brand new and exciting UnROUXly category. Dishes in this category can be a traditional Cajun dish (etouffee, stews, jambalaya, etc.) or an original dish prepared by participants. We ask participants to limit cooking to a pot(s) (no BBQ Pits, Grills, Smokers, etc.). Come test your chops as the people will vote to crown our first ever UnROUXly champion on March 9th, 2024. All fresh food cooking for the event must be done on premise the day of event. Only roux and stock can be brought to the event. Teams will be provided one tray of rice for serving, if needed. Please inform Roux for a Reason if your dish includes rice so we can plan accordingly. Teams will provide samples to the public. This category will only be judged. ONE award will be given to the most popular dish. The UnROUXly category will be also be able to participate in the event’s People’s Choice.

Supplied Items: Roux for a Reason will provide sampling cups, utensils, napkins and judges’ sampling cups.

Please consider the following when participating in the unROUXly category:

We will encourage the public to judge the unROUXly category with the same criteria as the gumbo categories while also considering originality and creativity. In selecting a dish, we encourage you to consider this as you will be competing against a variety of different dishes, both traditional Cajun dishes and original recipes. The more original and creative your dish the more memorable your dish will be to the judges. Cooking conditions are subject to inspection. Failure to follow these guidelines will be grounds for disqualification. Any changes to these official guidelines will be communicated to Teams in advance of the event.

Awards: Awards will be given in the following categories:

· 1st Place – Trophy

Sportsmanship: This event is a charitable event to raise money for our community. We ask that you have a fun time we thank you for your support of this event!

Questions: If you have questions about the registration form or the guidelines please call one of the following cook-off representatives: Ben Floyd 985-856-2351. John Breaux, Jr. 985-688-5816. Blake Floyd 225-240-0941


• All team Captains or designated person from your cooking team must participate in a Safety Session that will be provided by a RFAR representative PRIOR TO COOKING.

• Safety meeting will be held at the entertainment stage every 30mins starting at 6:00AM-8:00AM. Each team must attend and sign off that they have participated before they are allowed to start cooking.

• Tent set up will be permitted Friday 3/10 from 5:00PM—9:00PM at the event location.

• Tents must be weighed down, must NOT have sides. Any banners/decorations must be secured.

• Teams MUST provide their own 6’ – 10’ serving table. 

• One fire extinguisher per tent. We encourage teams to provide their own fire extinguishers. If you need a fire extinguisher, please contact us so we will have one for your tent.

• Cooking team arrival and setup will take place from 6:00AM– 8:00AM on Saturday 3/9.

• No utility trailers are to be left on site.

• Each team will be given their location & tent number the morning of the event.

• Each team must clean up their area before leaving.


• ANY removal of equipment/tents, that involves vehicles, WILL NOT be allowed until the public has exited the event/barricaded area. THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED. 

• Tents must be taken down by Sunday, 3/10– BEFORE 11:00AMParking lot must be cleared by 11:00AM.


• Due to the size of the crowd expected, we are suggesting a 5 gallon minimum.

• All cooking must be done the day of the event with the exception that chicken and roux may be pre-cooked or store bought.

• Serving to the public will begin between 10:00am – 12:30PM.

• No electrical outlets or running water are available. Cooking must be done using a burner, Cajun cooker, etc.

• All propane bottles must be equipped with a regulator to hose.

• Teams must provide ALL utensils for cooking, preparing, and serving gumbo.


• A RFAR member will bring each team numbered cups and lids for judges’ samples.

• Judges samples will be turned at 12:00pm.

• No rice in judges samples.

• 1st, 2nd & 3rd place for Chicken, 1st, 2nd & 3rd place for Seafood & People’s Choice will be awarded.

• All attendees will have the opportunity to vote for the “People’s Choice” award. We will be voting by ticket.

• Winners will be announced around 4:00 PM.


• NOTE: Chairs will not be provided to team stations. Please bring chairs for your team if necessary!

• Rice will be provided to each team from Cannatas Market. We will not furnish paper towels.

• No money or tickets should be handled by the cooking teams. All money should be directed to the volunteers at the front entrances/ticket sale booths.

• We will furnish cups and spoons to serve samples to customers. We suggest not filling sample cups all the way. 1/2 way would be fine.

• If more sample cups or spoons are needed, please find a RFAR team member wearing RFAR event STAFF shirts.

Schedule of Events 

6:00—8:00 Cooking team set-up/Mandatory safety meetings will be held every 30 minutes


8:00 All cooking teams must be set up. No vehicles allowed within barricaded area.

10:00 Open to public

11:00—11:30 All cooking teams will receive numbered cups, lids for judges’ samples.

12:00 All cooking teams to have Judges Samples turned in.

1:00—4:00 Entertainment performs.

4:00 Gumbo cook-off & raffle winners announced.

After 4:30 Tear down can begin, after crowd disperses